What is the cost to join?

Subs are currently 110 euro for the season that runs from September until early June.

Payment of subs is through the Wezwa bank account only and details are shared in the ‘membership’ email.

Are players insured?

All members who have paid their subs are insured during the training sessions from 10.30am until noon. Outside of these sessions the player is not insured by the club.

In the event of an accident, the form attached to the membership email should be completed by the first doctor who treats the player.


How are the sessions organised?

We start at 10.30am prompt and finish at noon.

Session structure:

  • warm up
  • drills ideally in small groups (with purpose explained). Mix of technical and match situations
  • session usually finishes with a match (or multiple matches)
  • everyone helps collect all equipment/bibs and parents should help move the goals. Players should not be moving goals.

What help is needed to run this volunteer club?

At the pitches: weekly set up of goals, equipment etc is much appreciated from approx.9.30am and clearing away at noon.

Parents of players who are keen to get involved can also volunteer to become a trainer (on a regular or occasional basis). Training is given.

Behind the scenes, we need help with more long term positions e.g. Treasurer. If you feel you could help, please complete the online Register form and tick the ‘I want to volunteer’ box.

Is training ever cancelled?

Due to bad weather, the pitches may be unplayable (e.g. frozen or waterlogged) so for the safety of players and trainers we may have to cancel. A notification will be posted on the website under News and on the FB group by 10am that morning.

Also during the half term school holidays we try to keep training running as much as possible but if we are short of volunteers we may also have to cancel training. The calendar will then be updated.

What is the boot and kit swop?

Wezwa encourage recycling so as kids grow we encourage kit in decent condition to be donated/exchanged. Boxes of second hand football boots and Wezwa football kits (clothing, shin pads and gloves) are stored at the pitches. Players can make a small charity donation for these items or swop/exchange a pair of their used boots/kits instead.

What should players wear to training?

Any suitable, comfortable clothes for sport but long socks with shin pads are compulsory and football boots with moulded studs only (no metal studs are allowed).

Wezwa do have a kit (blue and yellow stripes) which can be purchased from our online shop (payment and delivery organised by What Life Produces). Buying the kit is optional.


When and where does training take place?

Every Sunday morning (apart from school holidays shared on the Calendar) from 10.30am until noon at Daring football pitches on Sportpleinstraat in Wezembeek Oppem.

How are the groups organised?

There are 4 age groups at Wezwa: under 9’s; under 11’s; under 13’s and under 16’s.

Normally at least two coaches per group (depending on ages and attendance). There are also ex-players who help as junior coaches. They work alongside the older more experienced trainers. Each coach has submitted their ‘Extrait de Casier Judiciare’ and are parents of current (or sometimes former) players.

As with local league rules, female players are allowed to play in a year group below their actual age group if they prefer to do so.

Youngest age to join is 6.

What happens if the groups are full?

Groups are limited to 40 players and some groups are more popular than others. If a group is full, there is a waiting list in place.

Who can join?

Players aged between 6 and 16 can join. Girls and boys play together in mixed teams.

Who runs the club?

WEZWA FC ASBL has always been run by volunteers who love the beautiful game and want to share the spirit of fair play, enjoyment and inclusivity to both boys and girls from the ages of 6 to 16. The club has a board with a President, Treasurer, Secretary and a couple of others all of whom are either current or former trainers or have a child (past or present) at the club.

How can I become a volunteer?

Complete the Register form online with your details and tick ‘I want to volunteer’ before clicking the submit button. We will then make contact to discuss the volunteer roles that are vacant.

When can players join Wezwa?

The new season starts in September when the majority of new players join. However, if there is space, players can join at any time during the season from September to mid-June.

How can I register my child?

Complete the online register form. You will then receive an email with further details on how to register your child/children.

Is Wezwa FC affiliated to the Belgian league?

WEZWA is not affiliated to any league – training is for enjoyment only. However, Wezwa does organise friendly matches with other clubs and participates in external tournaments in the spring (optional for all members).

What is the history behind the club?

The club started in 1990 on an area of grassland behind the convent in Wezembeek-Oppem. As it grew in popularity, it moved up the road to pitches owned by the British School of Brussels in Tervuren. After 20 years the club moved back to Wezembeek and now trains at Daring Wezembeek, in Wezembeek Oppem.